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Bombay Tikka Special  

Spiced chicken OR lamb barbecued in a clay oven, then mixed
with fried onions, peppers & mushrooms


Triangular pastry stuffed with minced lamb or mixed vegetables
and served with salad

Onion Bhaji  

World famous snack of spicy onions deep-fried in a coating of
gramflour batter until golden brown


Chat Jalfrezi Rezalla  

Cooked with fresh ground garam massala, special chat massala, which is
a dry fruity spice, tomatoes, capsicum and coriander. Served in a sizzling dish

Tikka Massala  

Barbecued chicken or lamb marinated in a homemade sauce then
cooked in an enriched massala sauce

Saag Massala  

Saag Massala  

Chicken, lamb OR king prawns cooked with spinach in massala sauce


Cooked with green peppers, onions, fresh green chillies and tomatoes


Chicken or lamb barbecued over flaming charcoal then cooked in rich
sauce with almonds and coconu

Korai Tikka  

Cooked with ginger, tomato, garlic, onion and coriander

South Indian Garlic Chilli  

Barbecued chicken or lamb in a fresh garlic and chilli sauce
with coriander and crisp red chilli

Mushroom Dupiaza  

Barbecued chicken or lamb and fresh mushrooms cooked with lots of onions


Chefs specialities

The gourmet choice represents the style of cooking known as (dum pukht) originated in the food courts of the moghul emperors & represents the pinnacle of Indian chefs are able to master this art form. The emphasis is on quality. Freshness & clarity of taste & aromas

Tandoori dishes

Tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt with appropriate herb & spices & cooked in tandoori. All the tandoori dishes are served with side salad & special homemade sauce


Tender pieces of barbecued chicken OR lamb with onions, tomatoes & capsicum

Tikka Special  

Spiced chicken OR lamb barbecued in clay oven, then mixed with fried onions & mushrooms

Traditional curries

A form of the golden age of British Indian food our selection of old favourites. These dishes are recognised by everyone & have been enjoyed by generation of Indian food lovers





Rogon Josh  



Biryani dishes

Biryani dishes are meal themselves, served with a mixed vegetable curry


Saffron fried rice with your choice of the above, served with a fresh vegetable curry


Hot, sweet and sour sauce


Cooked in a sweet, sour and spicy lentil sauce

Vegetable dishes

Vegetable dishes are either cooked dry with natural juices in the vegetable supplying the moisture OR with a little sauce

Jerra aloo  

Bombay Aloo  

Spiced potato

Saag Paneer  

baby spinach and cheese

Saag Aloo  

baby spinach and potato

Vegetable Curry  

Garlic Mushrooms  

Bindi Bhaji  


Brinjal Bhaji  


Chana Masala  

Chick peas

Tarka Dall  


Set meals


Rice dishes



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